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Quick & easy Business VoIP solutions

Business Call/SMS

Our calling platform can be used in any web browser or integrated with your CRM for calls and SMS.

Team Size

Whether you're a construction company operating a call center, our solution fits.

User Access

Setup new phone numbers and assign access to route, view, and listen to calls of specific team members.


Business VoIP calling and SMS made simple

We know you have unique challenges and needs when it comes to business growth. That’s why we’ve adapted our platform to include solutions for businesses small-to-large. Whether you just need a toll free number that routes to a number of team members based on menu selections by the caller, and some SMS capabilities, or an intelligent PBX-like system that routes inbound/outbound calls to specific users based on real-time criteria – we encourage you to try it!

Works with any CRM

Integrates with your Sales Force or other CRM, so that all call activity is viewable in one place.

Real-time reporting

Allows managers or executives to assign access and view reports, listen to calls, and make decisions based on results.

Business insight

Understanding how your team's phone activity impacts your business and potential opportunities for improvement.

Here to help your small business thrive

We’re committed to getting you the cloud calling platform for your business to truly take off and grow. See if our platform isn’t the perfect fit – we’re pretty sure it will be!


Frequently asked questions

Choosing a phone system or cloud calling platform can seem stressful, when you don’t know where to start.

Many businesses use cloud numbers in conjunction with land-lines or mobile devices by routing extensions, toll free, or local numbers to specific users (numbers) based on criteria. This allows your whole team to use their mobile device but have all calling activity tracked and available in one platform. 

Our platform is so user friendly that you can think of it as a layer on top of your existing operation. We provide 24/7 support but you’ll find that your team rarely will have a question or issue due to the simplicity of the interface, across any devivce.

Our pricing doesn’t include any long-term contracts or deposits. We have made it as easy as possible to try it at no cost, to see if it fits your business. 

Yes, you can try it completely free of charge and explore various solutions based on inbound or outbound calling needs for your team.

Yes! This is actually the scenario for which our platform was originally built and accounted for, in terms of features that allow easy visibility and access to setup new phone lines, route them to numbers or users, label numbers for advertising campaigns, and/or to use it to track the performance of your team. 

Try at no cost

We know it can seem overwhelming to setup a new phone system. It’s really not though – let us prove it! Try it in a contained no cost environment to see if it could be a good fit for your business.

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